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Zombie Jesus

Filed under: Celebrity tattoos

  • Claudio

    Crossed with the HULK. ;-)

  • shewolf

    the professor from Futurama would be so proud.

  • Jami

    I’m so sick and tired of the zombie Jesus crap.

    Look, the whole “rising from the dead eating the flesh of humans” is a HOLLYWOOD creation when it comes to Zombies.

    Zombies are LIVING PEOPLE under a spell/dosed with drugs by a voodoo priest or priestess. They live, breath, eat, and even defecate same as any living person, but their God given free will has been taken from them. Check out the movie White Zombie with Bela Lugosi to get a better idea.

    The Hollywood zombie is a combination of ghouls – SUPERNATURAL beings that live in graveyards and eat corpses. NOT living flesh, just dead, rotting flesh – and vampires who are of course once humans who rise from the dead to drink blood.

    Jesus Christ’s own resurrection resembles VAMPIRE mythology FAR more then Hollywood zombie mythology.

    Now I don’t know if Jesus was the Messiah or not. He didn’t do what the Messiah is suppose to do like restore Israel, help bring back the Temple, etc. However, if it turns out Christians are right and he comes back from the dead – I’m just saying – check for fangs.

    But Jesus Christ is NOT a zombie. Thank you.

  • Loki

    Messiah is a jewish term. Jesus walked the earth and warned against the jews and they killed him. Not sure if they ate his brain, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I’am Asatru, but even I have the bible.

  • Loki


  • Dave

    ok, I’m not the most religious in the group, but that is wrong in so many ways

  • sodeypop

    Jami, just shut up. Nobody cares.

  • shewolf

    OMG Jami, get over yourself. you’re reading waaaaay to far into it. sodeypop said it best.

  • shewolf

    Jami, it’s a JOKE from the show Futurama, idiot.

  • shewolf

    we need to put Jami on

  • http://WTFtattoos Reverand Blacksheep

    the jokes funny enough even for a former Catholic like me but Jami’s right your all a bunch of brainwashed schleps, George A Romero is credited with creating flesh eating zombies. Professor Hubert Farnsworth is a 160, he talks crap and is a cartoon.
    funny t shirt yes.. tattoo no.

  • W0lfm0ther

    Hilarious idea, terrible execution.

  • Jeffm209

    Jami is arguing a myth … with a myth.
    Get a effen LIFE !

  • Ava Ray

    @ Jami hey fat ass ur 1 ugly looking Zombie. Sucks 2 B u

  • Atom665

    Jesus a zombie? All this time I thought he was a cunt

  • gfunk

    Jesus Zombie Christ is actually a really popular tattoo, I’ve seen several really great renditions of the idea, this one just blows….
    so does jamie

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