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  • Lauz


  • TLaw1990


  • d1337

    Should just change the whole thing to “douche bag” and be done with it. Even misspelled, the point would be made clear.

  • bb

    Actually, it would be “two-faced,” as well as the “you’re.” More proof of the dumbing down of America, and people are proud! Way to go, USA!

  • mdv13

    Or the dumbing down of Britannia, or the dumbing down of Australia, or the dumbing down of South Africa, or the dumbing down of some other English speaking country?

  • AlfaCowboy

    “If you’re gonna be retarded, please be brief.”

  • Isthisforreal?

    He doesn’t need the tattoo to say “douche bag.” The wife-beater and fake chain do that already.

  • S. Freud

    Is that message directed towards your mom or yourself?

  • Philip

    Nobody can be Two-Face except Harvey Dent…

  • Watertender

    Class just pours out of this shitbird. I am impressed.

  • mn

    another win for No Child Left Behind. This one got left on the side of the road

  • mel

    This guy is actually a drag queen. Go figure.

  • booboo♥

    *caps are the corrections :P
    “if YOU’RE GOING TO BE two FACED, at least make one pretty.”

  • James

    definitely a Batman reference.

  • Hannah


  • Deborah

    @James,……….actually it is a Marilyn Monroe quote “If you are going to be two faced at least make one of them pretty”.

  • Jonny insano

    Shouldn’t it say faced followed by a comma?

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