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Your welcome

Thanks to Richard for sending this in

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  1. jimmy says:

    No thanks,not welcome

  2. Denise says:

    They spelled you’re wrong!

  3. ksk says:

    Wow….not only STUPID and TRASHY….but SPELLED wrong! Dumb Ass—both the “sporter” of this tattoo AND the “artist” who put it on there.

  4. Missa says:

    hmmm maybe he should be asking someone to wash those dirty drawers for him, lol

  5. cajita-feliz says:

    Actually, this has the potential to be perfectly correct. If the meaning is simply that within his pants is the welcome wagon. Your welcome. As in, your welcome is right here, baby.

    I’m gonna guess that I’m probably wrong and that this guy really is just a moron, but still.

    Also, it’s not SPELLED wrong. It’s grammatically wrong, all you folks in glass houses.

  6. Wondering says:

    Just wondering…..all these misspelled (or grammatically incorrect) tattoos: is it a tattoo artist’s responsibility to correct these before the body has been inked, or does the artist just do what the customer wants, no matter how’s”wrong”‘ it is? (And this is a serious question.)

  7. pcfriedrich (mobile) says:

    I’ve wondered that, too. When someone comes in with something written down, but.spelled wrong, shouldn’t the ‘artist’ point it out and make sure that’s what they want?

  8. pcfriedrich (mobile) says:

    Is that a Guy? Its a very feminine belly button…

  9. Mamasan says:

    My experience with tattoo artists is that they do up a stencil, put it in position for you and you look it over to make sure it’s what you want and where you want it. None of mine have any lettering so I can’t say that they would correct spelling for you though.

  10. I P Freely says:

    “Wondering’ & ‘pcfriedrich': “the customer is always right”

  11. I P Freely says:

    Sarcasm intended

  12. pcfriedrich says:

    I’m just thinking that a responsible tattoo artist (because its their ‘artwork’ and their name on the piece) would say something like “you know that is misspelled”, or “that is grammatically incorrect”. If they still want it done that way the tattoo artist should put (sic) afterwords, like they do in newspaper quotes, so everyone knows the artist isn’t the idiot.

  13. Loki says:

    your welcome, come again

  14. CrackMan says:

    Maybe the belt is on backwards and that’s his tramp stamp above his hairy ass…what a nice nice visual…

  15. CrackMan says:

    I am sorry, I could be wrong; there is a belly button there. Unless it is a bullet hole in his back…ya never know…

  16. Josie says:

    Yeah, now go wash those nasty, dirty underwear.

  17. L says:


  18. Brentt says:

    Your Welcome for the Herpes and the Clap and Genital Warts LOL!!!

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