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Your kids are melting


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  1. troof be told says:

    nailed it!

  2. CLint says:


    The kids are just retarded.

  3. missy says:

    Two really ugly kids.

  4. jerry says:

    This is why you shouldn’t sleep with relatives

  5. ComicBookGuy says:

    Rob Ford?

  6. Dikwitha says:

    DAY-um!!! You got some UGLY kids!

  7. drm says:

    Was the source photo shot in a fun house mirror?

  8. Watertender says:

    If you smoke a bowl the tattoo comes in to focus perfectly. It was done this way to give sober people the illusion of being stoned without the use of drugs.

  9. Lee says:

    Watertender , you really think so ? have another hit lol the guy who does WTF tats is stoned too, he hasn’t found a new tat in 3 days must think this is the only one he needs to put on the site ?

  10. UDUMBASS says:

    you have to go to someone who wants more than $10.00 and a rock you dumb ass

  11. Jack Goff says:

    Incest is the best. Put your sister to the test.

  12. Just4Laugs says:

    The older she gets the creepier and uglier they’ll become!

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