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You may want to add you’re* on there too

Instead of expanding the botched tattoo by “correcting” the spelling, you probably should have just covered the whole thing up.

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  • C

    Love how even the “correction” was spelled wrong….

  • Bob

    The correction is right. Petal. The a just looks like an e.

    Maybe the tattoo is a private joke or something.

  • Josh

    it should also say “you’re” not your

  • loki

    oh wow!

  • prof. wagstaff

    overheard in a tattoo parlor….
    “there’s two ‘o’s in ‘bob’. right? bob.”

  • JON

    and this is why you don’t get a tattoo at the trailer park

  • Watertender

    proves any fool with a few bucks to spend can get a tattoo machine and start ruining flesh. does not say much for the idiot getting the ink either

  • Liz

    On top of the errors… ITS a GAY tattoo!

  • Megan

    didn’t even notice the grammatical error of “your”

  • Vinyl

    I love the asterisk, to make sure we notice the correction.

  • K

    Ok, but it looks like all of it is fresh…perhaps it means something more to the owner of the tattoo.

  • elizabeththeprincess

    Omfg….like…very bad! Crossed out the error and even put a asterik..tisk tisk!

  • Stoned Goat

    it all looks fresh… like she made the correction on her drawing and the tattooist just copypasta’d.

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