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Yoda… With a horrible flesh-eating disease?

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  1. drm says:

    “If a zombie portait of me you wanted, then good, your artist was. But if this was a realistic portrait, supposed to be, then great flaws, in your artist’s training I sense.”

    Moral : Don’t ever let a Padawan near a tattoo gun.

  2. Douche Bag says:

    Some one played ” Got Your Nose ” with Yoda and never gave it back. :(

  3. ray ovac says:

    Refund….? No?..

  4. MannythePirate says:

    Yaddle, it’s Yoda’s twin that never passed the Jefi test. Lol

  5. MannythePirate says:

    Oops. Spell check Fail. I obviously meant Jedi. Not Jefi. Lol

  6. Loki says:

    didn’t think Yoda could get any uglier.

  7. My name is who? says:

    Your brains I want to eat

  8. Meaty says:

    Burning my flesh is MMMMMMMMMMMM

  9. Harry Dixon, Mike Hunt says:

    Actually this reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson, especially the nose and the mouth.

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