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Yet another tattoo artist who can’t spell “tomorrow”

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  1. Ur mom' says:

    Is tommarrow the day after today?

  2. Vinyl says:

    Well, at least there’s proper punctuation.

  3. al says:

    he cant be seriouss

  4. jimmy says:

    I have several tattoo’s and i always look at the flash before it’s put on, doesn’t any one else do this?

  5. Sue says:

    I am so glad I have an excellent tattoo artist, who insists on making sure all spelling is correct before it goes on. Huge fail here.

  6. Rufus says:

    uumm everyone here is wrong the correct spelling is tomorrow

  7. Judith says:

    Jimmy, you would not win the prize for splling either, you know.
    Tattoos not tattoo’s. Who spells tattoos with an apostrophy?????

  8. Rel says:

    lol who tries to correct someone’s spelling and misspells SPELLING ?!

  9. Douche Nozzle says:

    All tattoos are put on as a temporary by transfer paper so if any misspelling occurs on purpose. The trend of getting purposely misspelled tats is lame and getting old. :(

  10. MSBNANA says:

    Everyone is wrong. The saying is, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

  11. Whoopiecushion says:

    There is also an extra ‘m’ that no one else caught.

  12. CrackMan says:

    There’s a new movie in the works titled “The Day After Tommarrow” and the plot is based on everybody getting a misspelled tattoo of some stupid quote that doesn’t mean sh!t. Then they get rained on by orange-skin tanning lotion and this brings back zombie hipsters from the dead. Movie ends in a total elimination of the human race, except for a few choice People of WalMart, sworn to reproduce the human race back to 6 billion…

  13. Me says:

    this might be the way the person wanted it, not necessarily that the tattoo artist misspelled it. I have met people that actually wanted misspelled things written on them for some reason

  14. Albert says:

    That is why I don’t get stamped on the any part of my body. There is too much rooms for mistakes.

  15. April says:

    A lot of people commenting on here have no room to talk about people misspelling words. The tat artist isn’t the only one to blame considering the idiot didn’t catch the mistake in the first place. AND whether the guy wanted it misspelled or not, he is still a retard. Hope he enjoys being made fun of for the rest of his life!

  16. longlegslouise says:

    Spell this however you like… Baahaahaa.. Lame

  17. elizabeththeprincess says:

    Maybe they are southern or some kind of jamacian. Cause some tats I see spell..”who dat white gurl who tinks she is gettin my bumba clot boi?? So….I can see these people with spellig.errors

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