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Yet another Hello Kitty tattoo

Filed under: Product placement

  • John C

    On a guy???

  • kat

    Hey! I love my hello “krueger kitty” tattoo!

  • Stephanie

    I have a Hello Kitty tattoo! They may be popular, but they’re cute nontheless

  • captain obvious says

    Obviously will be an expensive cover-up a few years from now.

  • BUTT

    this is incredibly well executed for a stick and poke.

  • mrwhyte

    I doubt this guy will ever get it removed capt.obvious. Mainly because it’s under a shirt, he’s pale as as a ghost so it never comes off, and in the end it’s probably just some hipster douchebag.

  • Jenn

    I like the class ring. do people still wear those any more?

  • Jean

    Looks like a felt tip marker drawing to me and not an actual tattoo

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