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Yes, those are a man’s hands….

If it was on a female it would still be horrible, but the fact that it’s on a dude solidifies the WTF status.

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  1. Nick Aids says:

    The man is obviously homosexual.
    Is this an issue with you?

  2. mr_bumpy says:

    really? any “logo”/product placement tat is wrong .. just wrong

  3. jeffm209 says:

    Do I see glitter too ?!?

  4. Ghostie says:

    @jeffm209, um that’s Vaseline.

  5. Hamsture says:

    He might be gay, but that doesn’t make the tattoo any less awful.

  6. vomit knife says:

    Double handful of bad choices there, but isn’t that a homo trademark?

  7. Loki says:

    a tagged fag

  8. Ciara says:

    wow, these hands are louis vuitton knock offs. mustve got them at the swap meet.

  9. Ken says:

    Gay or straight, that’s laughable….

  10. Sharon Cox says:

    c0ck sucker 4 sure.

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