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Xbox 360

Filed under: Product placement

  • Susie

    Someday the Xbox360 will have gone the way of the Nintendo 64 or the Genesis, and someone seeing this tat will say, “What the heck is that?!?”

  • Albert

    Where is the game controller it is on my back. I’m not joking this is for real.

  • Steven

    This is mine and I fail to see how Im even in the same league as some of these yahoos. BTW thanks Johnny. And this is on my forearm you clown not my back…that’s probably where all yours are because you can’t take the pain.

  • Fiona

    So explain Steven..what is the story behind this tat..or did you just feel like having an xbox controller on your arm??

  • Susie

    I agree with Fiona, explain your motivation, please.

    I have one more question, Steven: How old are you?

  • Steven

    Im 27 and I felt like it and who am I offending, it’s not like I got a swastika on my forehead. I mean really who am I offending, PS3 gamers?

  • millena

    Oh, dear me…seriously?! If you don’t have cash you don’t make a tattoo, and besides…why people don’t check how talented the person who will make the tattoo is? I would really regret such a tattoo TERRIBLY done! Shame on YOU !

  • Steven

    You’re from California aren’t you

  • AlfaCowboy

    Completely and totally retarded. You’re not offending anyone. You’re just an idiot.

  • Fiona

    I was just curious Steven. Some people have a reason for getting a tattoo that others may see as a crazy tattoo. I knew a girl with a pokemon tat, she got it in memory of a friend who loved pokemon, but everyone else just saw it as something dumb. You are not offending’s your body. I am sure I have a few that people would shake their head at, until they heard the story behind it…..

  • dark33

    cool tattoo must be a gamer

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