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WTF: Drake

Thanks to Richard for sending this in

Filed under: Celebrity tattoos, Face tattoos, Hall of Shame

  • http://FB henley65

    Completely retarded.

  • Jeff

    Good luck getting a job you dumb bitch. Not even drake would hire you to clean out the toilets on his tour bus.

  • Mimi

    Oh. My. God. What a complete idiot.

  • car

    Nice hair & eyebrows btw.

  • notadumbass

    She should have taken the $ she spent on the tattoo, and invested in some lazer hair removal. Can you say Unibrow? WTF.

  • SoCali

    Yep I was thinking along Jeff’s lines. If you really want to make sure you won’t be hired to work just anywhere. Do this, of course make sure you include the whining about how no one will hire you.

  • Karenia

    OMG…. I can’t believe an artist would do that.

  • mrwhyte

    Sadly because of people making tattoos mainstream tattoo artist don’t refuse work anymore based on stupidity. Atleast not all the mainstream tattoo artists who are only in it for the money.

  • teeko

    Stupid stupid girl. How many friends/fads/trends/songs or even boyfriends in your short life have stayed in favour more than a year?
    Now you profess your drying love to someone who could possibly be history in as short a time as the Spice Girls stayed in popularity?
    Unless your name is Drake… in which case is just as stupid.

  • Casie

    wow, i have tattoos and i think is just plain silly. she could get jobs (i have worked at many where they allow tattoos, just a bit harder to find usually). but, still just silly. i’ve heard many tattoo artists who say they won’t do face tattoos, i think for good reason, this being one.

  • Loki

    lol, muds!!

  • vomit knife

    New place for a tramp stamp?

  • jimmy

    I give up, what is a DRAKE ??

  • drm

    Aside from the obvious, “Write it on your forehead”, quips I could make, seriously sister…Drake? The kitten whisperer? The fool that’s so soft he spray farts Juergen’s Lotion? Wheelchair Jimmy, girl? What is wrong with you?

  • iriechyld

    This is so fake. Completely photo shopped! U can see it in the hair line. They woulda had to shave her hair line to tattoo.

  • bubbalump

    Wow, somebody really likes Uncharted 3.

  • pe’a

    Good luck with your new job at the slaughterhouse .

  • edinbourgeoise

    It looks like the font that Drake University used about 15 years ago. Perhaps this is the grooviest thing happening in Des Moines.

  • Lester

    At least it isn’t plastered across the forehead of a pretty girl. That would be sad.

  • NamSun

    lmfao. stupid ass people. lol at bubbalump’s comment

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  • Angel

    WoW 1st off i cant understand y this would even b a conciderable tattoo even by this lady & ytf would she shave her brows off? she didnt do her hairline, lol ijdgi lol pCe -A-

  • RayRay

    does not mean people are not this dumb, just in this case, it is shopped….

  • Kat28

    As ugly as a hat full of arseholes…. With or without the Tattoo…

  • greg

    Wow! Congrats on advertising for quite possibly the shittiest rapper in the world! You are stupid and Drake sucks! He’s gay for Wayne (who also sucks). I’d like to slap black on him!

  • steve

    Might as well have men sh*t in your mouth for being a huge dump of steaming crap already. Also that tattoo is retarded and who is Drake besides another f in loser singing about whatever crap his pathetic life is about

  • http://InternetExplorer Stephen

    Just look ak at her!!! Why not!!! You can’t change ugly… Who said beauty is only skin deep ????…The Needle LADY ??

  • Dd

    It’s not photoshopped. There’s a video of it being done, other pictures after it healed a bit more and the guy who did it talked about tattooing her forehead in an interview.

  • Raymond

    DRAKE the hardest black Jewish gangster rapper out there.. yeah yeah degrassi all day bitches!!!! Oh and this lady comes from a good family , her dad is also her baby daddy… Keep it in the family bitches!!!

  • uhmitsmeduh.

    big ‘ol blowy on that “A”….

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