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Why not to get tattoos just because you’re bored

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  • Big T42

    family tree is definitely made of pine

  • Jenn

    Imagine having to explain that to your grandchildren

  • John C

    Explain that to your mom!

  • Swanky

    Imagine explaining it to MY Mum (after all, that is her in the picture!

  • Elizabeth

    Considering this is already an inappropiate picture you think he would have at least added in a stick dick

  • cer0

    The chair is remarkably well-drawn comparatively.

  • storm

    what is up with “your mom’s” face? is she loling cause he has on dick?

  • storm

    i meant no dick

  • Linda

    he wont have kids with that, no girlfriend either

  • tj

    this is my tattoo and i drew it with no dick and she is having an o face i thought it was funny and made it look like a four year old drew it and i do have a gf and a kid thank you though

  • SoCali

    No doubt this genius idea of a tattoo started out with the sentence, “Dude check this out..”

  • tj

    well yes kinda and i was sober at the time

  • Loki

    this idiot is as primitive as this tattoo is!!! (and probably just as simple)

  • tj

    i am not primitive thank you very much. The purpose of the tattoo was just to make people laugh.

  • teeko

    To make people laugh? OK well, sorry. It more made me go, “eesh how stupid.” I wouldn’t even draw that on with a sharpie for fear it would last more than 2 days, but it’s your skin.

  • vomit knife

    tj, so did you use this for the”birds and bees” talk with your kid? Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to do on a piece of paper or a wall somewhere?

  • Not Me

    tj is stupid.

  • Darwinism rules

    Prison has a lot to answer for

  • Gmmac13

    Ok…I get the whole O face, dick no dick debate. But why would you have a stick figure that looks like he’s had an above the knee amputation???

  • Kara

    He’s just giving her a back massage

  • thehype420

    Gmmac13, because he was also to dumb to bring enough money to finish the tattoo

  • Katie

    the mom looks like bellsprout

  • http://facebook Tim


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