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Who wants a question with no question mark?


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  1. missy says:

    ? How hard it that?

  2. Jack Goff says:

    Putting a question mark at the end of a question is way too ordinary!

  3. ronthewolfman says:

    cause without a question mark you just couldn’t figure out it was a question in this day and age. Who really gives a shit.
    Besides I read it as more of a statement so should it have a ! for emphasis?

  4. 15 Geeky Actors says:

    Who’s on first.

  5. ohno says:

    I don’t know is on second.

  6. tattooed granny says:

    I’ll forgive the lack of punctuation….at least it’s spelled correctly!

  7. Justlooking says:

    Who wants to try and be original by getting a lame tattoo? I like tattoos but can we all just agree that they are no longer any sort of shocking or rebellious act? I’m probably one of the only people I know who doesn’t have a tattoo. Of course I do live in Portland, OR.

  8. tyler mitchell says:

    This is actually part of song lyrics from the singer Michelle Branch, so technically it is not the end of a sentence

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