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Where’s Waldo

Update: Here’s the story behind this tattoo, from John: “Sooo, I had this tattoo done to raise money for a children hospital (It took 24 straight hours with no breaks…) – we raised over £3,000 :D So it was well worth it.”

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  • justjim

    Nice work but is there a theme i’m missing?

  • jackie

    it’s where’s waldo you know the book where you find him

  • John C

    I found him!

  • LJ

    I actually like this tattoo.

  • LecheLoco

    Is it weird I found Waldo the second I looked at this picture

  • pcfriedrich

    He’s right in the center.

  • MannythePirate

    This is awesome.

  • Luke

    That’s not Waldo in the center, he is up a bit and to the left. Look for the 3 bikini girls. I love the Darth Vader

  • ….

    I like it, but the images are too small. They will just turn into little colorful blobs after a while.

  • Lindsey

    I actually like this tattoo!

  • Loki

    a bit different, but nice work.

  • Rosie

    I know the guy that did this – it was for a childrens charity and he did the whole tattoo in one sitting! Good cause.

  • Bobbo

    I don’t know where Waldo is, but I see the douchebag!

  • Netjnke

    Luke is right. At first I thought there was more than one.

  • Missy

    Very nice work.

  • dc

    love it

  • Someone

    I FOUND HIM! ^-^

  • http://mail cal


  • K

    Nice work

  • Cupcake63

    I LOVE this.. Great work for a good cause. I don’t know anyone that could sit for 24 hours straight being tattooed.. All the individual little scenes are amazing.

  • Killer Tuna

    Very clever and for a good cause. This is the only tat that I have seen that I won’t make fun of.

  • ayn

    @Bobbo he raised 3 Large for a children’s hospital, what the hell have you ever done?

  • Katie

    I really like this one. Plus he raised money for charity, so that’s a bonus.

  • squid

    You’re telling me they kept on tattooing while he took a shit? Did he wear a diaper or was he sitting on a toilet the whole time?

  • Bracho

    Waldo was the first one i saw when I looked at it! Lmao..

  • Alexyork

    Found him!

  • ja


  • jamie

    its weird. in New Zealand its called Where’s Wally? not waldo..waldo sounds strange to me..

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