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When keeping it real goes wrong


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  1. phendraana says:

    Keeping it real alright…. real dumb.

  2. drm says:

    It’s fun to laugh at him pn teh interwebz, but in person, I’d keep my mouth shut. Roid rage is something I don’t need in my life right now.

  3. Bobbo says:

    Looks like we’d have to “keep it real” simple for him.

  4. Pirate says:

    That’s a tattoo to regret when you get older!

  5. dirtydave says:

    his hands are wrapped wrong.

  6. Billy Bob says:

    Why do people do dumb shit like this? It would’ve been like getting a “don’t worry be happy” tattoo across your chest 20 years ago. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY? The world is FULL of stupid people.

  7. girlwatcher says:

    “keep it real” while he shows me three targets for my laser sight – 2 nipples and a belly button.

  8. Tonto says:

    And this shitheap just might vote.

  9. Evil Andy says:

    What an asshole.

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