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What the hell

Filed under: Random

  • Jenn

    I hope she didn’t pay for that….whatever it is.

  • Nick Aids

    If she payed for this.
    She is the biggest idiot on the planet.
    Or BLIND.

  • aimmee

    is that a feather stickman?? and I would like to know exactly what song that is on the music line….

  • Sarah

    looks like a creepy centipede to me…

  • kaylana

    Closer to her back has some pretty well done musical notes, but damn that’s trainwreck!

  • Nate

    Your supposed to put your 3 year old’s drawings on the refrigerator,not on your body…

  • Slacker

    What, she let a kid do the tat for her? Like arts and crafts time?

  • cajita-feliz

    It’s supposed to be a mix of a feather and a puffy dandelion?.. With the dandelion fluff/feather bits flying off to make music?…

  • Heidi

    So…their kid drew something and they had it tattooed? I dont get it!

  • Ciara

    People, please stop letting tweekers give u tattoos in a dimly lit room with a homemade tattoo gun that may or may not be infected with hepatitus a, b & c. It never turns out good.

  • angela

    Is that supposed to be a feather or a stickman on fire???

  • Candice

    Oh and btw I did not know this picture was on here… I do not know who out it up… But I am going to ask for it to be romoved bc it was just a pic of the outline and not a finished tat. It’s still not finished but looks better

  • iDrum856

    I think they are supposed to be the waves from an audio recording. Possibly…

  • Tara

    hahahahahahahaha, “it’s not finished, take it down.”

    poor freaking girl. hahahahahaha

    there is no hope for that tattoo to ever “look better”


  • Ken

    That’s beautiful work! You don’t know anything about tattoos! If it’s meaningful to her that’s all that matters.

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