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What nightmares are made of


Filed under: Face tattoos

  • Watertender

    I am guessing no job or social skills. That is one nasty looking waste of flesh…….

  • Lala

    I’m suprised he still has all his teeth, or they arent gold…

  • Whatever

    If any woman lets him near her vagina she deserves all the diseases and misery he has to offer.

  • Justn


  • Bob the LumberJack

    You think he kisses his mother with those lips?

  • Joe

    I thought about getting that then thought hey maybe i wanna have a nice job one day and not some nasty woman maybe one respectable with teeth and ya know a job maybe idk call me crazy

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  • Swank

    Here’s the real thinker on this one: What is the last GOOD decision this gent made? That would be a noodle-scratcher.

  • bean

    At first glance it looked like his mouth was rotting away. His brains obviously rotted a long time ago. Truly disgusting.

  • ELF

    The only pussy this guy will be getting is the kind he gets in prison .

  • jack

    I wonder who supports him. Oh yeah, the tax paying citizens who go to work every day so he doesn’t have to.

  • Mari

    OMG that’s NASTY!!!!!!

  • Carver

    Has never had or never will have a paying job. The tat should be “Rapist”. Why do we pay taxes to keep a waste of oxygen like this alive?

  • Scieron


  • ? me

    omg someone needs to tell lil wayne we found his daddy ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha forreal through somebody please inform him thats his father, he cant rap anymore about never knowing his daddy.

  • Adam

    If my tax dollars are paying to keep that out of businesses I might frequent, then it’s money well spent.

  • uncle3inch


  • Nas-D

    This is your average Obama supporter…

  • dirtydave

    yoy know, i’ve heard that the kids are now dipping crack rocks in embalming fluid and calling it space base. curious.

  • wtf

    This serial rapist bears an uncomfortable resemblance to Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Brenda

    You know what Peter Griffin on Family Guy says, “Samuel L. Jackson is in everything”. But that guy is just a revolting piece of cow dung…

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