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Wearing your heart on your head

Filed under: Random

  • John C

    At least she can cover it later!

  • mrwhyte

    Why is getting tattoos on your head when you clearly do not have a shaven head, and more than likely never will, becoming more and more popular. Don’t get a tattoo just because you can….

  • Ward Cleaver

    How cute! Her lice loves her.

  • Me

    Why you hatin’ on this girl? It shouldn’t even be a WTF tattoo …tattoo is cute … she is cute, and if it means something to her then who has anything to bitch about. I don’t mind people raggin on idiots ….. but don’t rag just to be obnoxious

  • Dani

    dude more like bald spot

  • Brandon

    I agree with Me (lol), this is a cute tattoo on a cute girl, and a little more original than a heart on her ankle or navel or tramp stamp lol.

  • Lester

    Yes, she IS a cute girl. Too bad about the lack of common sense.

  • Void

    Maybe she had brain surgery and decided to mark the spot to indicate its significance. Some kind of miraculous brain surgery that didn’t leave a scar… Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • Jeremy

    i know this girl she got it as a tribute to her mom who had a brain tumor in the exact spot where the tattoo is and the heart was drawn by her mom.

  • eash

    wat a dumb bitch is she gnna keep shavin tht spot so ppl can c it

  • titsmcghee6922

    or maybe shes has alopechia there.

  • sam

    people are cruel, i read her story and she got that tattoo for her mother who had brain cancer and had to have surgery in that exact spot, so dont be hatting when u dont understand. so judgemental.

  • kevin

    Cute Girl.

  • jamie

    maybe she new someone with brain cancer, and got that tattoo in memory of that person? just a thought =]

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