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Warning: This can’t be un-seen

Click here for the uncensored pic… at your own risk

Filed under: Random

  • Am

    Well, I just vomited in my mouth a little. I’ll be okay though.

  • Not Me

    1. That is the ugliest looking drawing of a penis that I have ever seen.
    2. I wouldn’t be able to tattoo anything good on that ugly bitch.
    3. When she moves her hands away, does the tattoo disappear?

  • broncobilly

    wtf are those tits or bat wings

  • WJP

    I think this should go in the hall of fame for one of the biggest WTF tattoos ever. It doesn’t matter who you are, probly just about 99.99999% of anyone who ever saw this would say that this is the dumbest bitch in the world

  • Loki

    with those nasty hangers, that penis should have been down around her navel.

  • soundlogic

    what a whore.

  • soundlogic

    the “i just vomited in my mouth a little” line has been said a 100 million times. Think of something original for f uck’s sake.

  • jeffm209

    Why would she want to put a trout there?

  • ned

    Hey, that’s not fair. My ex-wife really likes her tattoo.

  • Tribalist

    From the thumbnail, I thought it was going to be a goatse tattoo . . . but this is even worse. For a second there I thought the tattoo was on a baby’s head emerging from the birth canal, before I realized those were her tits she was pulling aside, and her gut poking out between their jelly bag floppiness.

  • Sue

    ok, not all titties are small, young, and perky, but its still a nasty tatt.

  • Someonez Mom

    LOL when was the last time this particular area was “sinfully delicious”? 1945?

  • Kcdc

    I am so confused…where are her nipples?

  • http://Facebook Lynn

    wow…what low self esteem this person has that she would think of herself as nothing more than a prostitute. I feel very very sad that her IQ is probably half the amount of her breast size…

  • http://Facebook Lynn


  • Chris

    Why does she have a deformed piece of asparagus between her boobs? Asparagus is definitely not “sinfully delicious”. And, what are those moths doing up there?

  • tattoowife13

    This is one of those times that I feel worse for the artist who had to do the work than the person with the crap tattoo.

  • heather cherrie

    From all that is wrong with this-soundlogic-you decide to comment about someones use of “i just threw up in my mouth a little”

  • Bird

    jeffm209 — I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw a fish. Maybe it was drawn by a woman who’s never seen a real penis.

  • bjk

    This is so freaking sexy I wish I could follow the directions.

  • http://wtftattoos ilrev

    AM I really the only one who noticed the bottoms of those dirty na-nas were tucked into her underwear?!

  • Accio

    Her boobs are not tucked into her underwear. She is wearing a tank top that has been pushed down to show the tattoo. What you think is her underwear is the top of the tank top.

  • littlelorna

    @ Ned – peed a little!!!

    @tattoowife13 – AMEN!


  • Bad Kitty

    Looks like an eel!!!

  • Bad Kitty

    OMG, It’s a snakefish!!!!

  • Phendraana

    “Sinfully Delicious isn’t referring to her, it’s in remembrance of all the cheeseburgers she ate to get that fat.

  • Oogie

    Hahaha, this will blow your minds, then! I thought the one words tat looked awfully (and I mean it) familiar; then I remembered this pic from a local newspaper Halloween pub crawl photo set a while back…. The other small tats confirm it.

    Same woman, two websites. What’s the chance of that?

  • Jen

    I thought it was a bulldog from the scrambled pic. :(

  • Jimmy

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen a mad magazine folding back cover

  • ReReX

    May be it’s the only penis she’ll see placed her.

  • momma

    she looks like a girl you’d really wanna bring home to mom. I wonder if she’s got a vagina tattooed between her ass cheeks.

  • ricky

    If your penis looks like this, you should go see a doctor.

  • sb

    looks like a rotten twinkie–she’s hungry for more

  • Dawn

    Wow now thats one classy lady!

  • Retina Burn

    DAMMIT!!! I shoulda listened to your warning!! WHY didnt I listen??? Here I am trying to wind down before bedtime! GAH! My eyes! That tattoo needs to be on the cover of the Hall Of Fame… but those boobs!! OMFG, those are the NASTIEST Ive ever laid eyes on!!!!!!!!

  • SN

    so when those are put back together, do the two butterfly pieces meld into one butterfly?

  • Bubba249

    For the love of God, make it go away……..

    Where’s the bleach? I need to wash my eyes out.


    I just vomited in soundlogic’s mouth a little

  • Susan

    i feel pretty & i have a head like a bucket of smashed crabs ! Gotta lurve a do-er though!

  • Kelley Kelley

    I think we’ve found a winner for the White Trash Queen of 2011. What a pig.

  • http://n/a mojo

    You never have a titty bang or get head from a nasty looking woman with no teeth. that penis looks like some of the didoes my ex-wife used to have…they had funky veins that don’t appear like that on the real thing.

  • Lester

    Tattoo or not, those are some seriously nasty tits!

  • Ambrosia

    I bet her “landing strip” stinks, too!

  • Ambrosia

    Definitely no motor boating……

  • bjk

    I would love to give her a sinfully delicious load all over those wonderful tits and watch her lick me all the clean.

  • Jess

    I LOVE THIS!! hahhaha this just made my day.

  • jen

    Oh.. Mom. Why?? Also is that a fish headed penis?

  • http://wtftattoos Desert Horse

    Even if the titties were hott, would anyone really want to rub their dick on a picture of another dick?

  • gmalo

    Is that what a penis should look like?

  • Fl0wer

    What ever you people think all people are tens, i would insirt me face between thos tits

  • rob

    no, but she scores so low shes not even on the chart

  • RayRay

    I was warned and looked anyway… dammit

  • scrappy doo

    Ive seen better lookin hogs, what a hore! Is that a shit stain betweet those little smokies???? Ha ha holy shit!!!!

  • Emerson


  • Alexis

    Fat, disgusting, trashy whore. Ew.

  • Kelsey

    I am scared for life! And I almost lost my lunch ewwwww She needs to be slapped..

  • Birdmannaz

    The dramatic irony is that the tattoo will be the only dick she ever gets..

  • johana

    OMFG! That dick is terrible and she has the tits of a 100 year old… And the butterflies suck anus!!

  • missrandom1995

    sadly i saw i penis that looked like that in real life. i screamed.

  • heywood jablowmie

    If given a choice between putting my johnson there and lopping it off with a dull steak knife, I would have to sit and think about it for a moment, and then beg for a sharper knife.

  • Douglas

    Why…why…why didn’t I heed the warning not to look at this…?

  • Taylor

    moby tits.

  • Bigdurk

    What a dirtbag. I wonder which trailer park this train wreak lives in? Ned, your ex is pure filth.

  • your welcome

    people this fat should not do this shit seriously, like why? i guess she was never gonna get none so she had to get a tattoo of her getting some people are so desperate these days #SMH

  • Sliver

    I was warned and I looked anyway… I printed it and put it in my roommates gym bag, I can’t be the only one who has to have this terrifying experience…

  • dani

    Man! Why did I click it!!!

  • Missy

    It makes you wonder….didn’t somebody say something to her before she got it? something like “Don’t get a penis tattooed between your boobs, you’ll look like a whore.” or “Sinfully delicious refers to women that guys actually WANT to bang…in their…boobs?”

  • alee13soul

    still not seeing how being a larger woman has to to with this terrible whore-ably done tattoo.

  • Dollbaby

    I didn’t realize this was ghetto National Geographic!

  • Karrven

    That’s a dick!? I thought it was a fish!

  • sHy

    i wonder what her face looks like -_-

  • waitwhat

    *runs screaming*

  • http://deleted Pogorello

    Oh my god – my dick just came out of my ass trying to escape from this monster …

  • umwtf?

    @pogorello … What was your dick doing in your ass ? and surely it would have been better off staying in there if it wanted to hide.

  • Holy hell tats

    I just threw up everywhere and now my maids are cleaning it up because of this nasty bitch

  • jjjjjjjjjjjj

    what i would give to run my fingers between her supple breasts, to feel the warmth a woman of that extreme girth must hold, to feel her rolls gently give way to the pressure of touch, hoping silently not to lose my hand for life. i dream about this woman every night, wishing she would lay with me. her tattoo adds to the appeal, it shows me precisely where i need to place myself, and reminds me that she will never say no. a woman you can love forever for acceptance of your phallus between her lady lumps at any given time. oooh.

  • imagine

    If this ho manages to live long enough to be placed in a nursing home, I pity the person who has to bathe her. Eww

  • MJ

    So she wants to suffocate a poor fish between two deflated buns. Poor fish…

  • Jo

    glad we did not have to any other areas she puts dicks into. Can you imagine what that shit looks like? ewww.

  • AnatomyCat

    Let me guess… She also has semen tattooed on her forehead?

  • JC


    Why would she want to put a TROUT there?

  • mike

    is that a bass?

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