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Wait, what the hell is that…

Filed under: Random

  • Snap

    It’s a…… dick flower?

  • Lexi

    Looks like a penis coming out of a rose. Or originally a dick and balls and rose petals were added later. Either way its a WTF tattoo

  • Brandon

    I can’t see past the mom jeans.

  • bob

    good, others saw a dick in the flower too. I thought i was just strange for a minute there.

  • Watertender

    It’s a pecker in the petals! A boner in the blooms…

  • Dirtbag McGhee

    I’d still hit it I’d tap that shit for days she has what seems to be a reall nice tight body no idea what the face is like but there’s Booze for that

  • wtf

    Clean that room you dirty slut.

  • Jacked

    She obviously needs a good boning.

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  • joe dirt

    a sluts ass

  • Heh

    “Mom jeans” lol. Yes, high waisted jeans became unpopular and replaced with low rise because people got too fat to wear the “mom jeans”.

  • Elizadeath


  • Snap N. McGarrett

    all roses have at least one prick

  • sophievertullo

    why is her shirt off?!

  • http://wtftattoos mong

    she’s holding her tit……what tattoo…. she’s holding her tit!

  • amya

    trying to make a dick tattoo look classy and failing at it

  • Hammered

    nuthin’ a hot wirehanger and rubbing alcohol can’t fix. why she had to ruin a nice fat ass like that with a “penis rose”

  • inkling

    you guys are pervs! that’s not a penis, it’s a hand sliding into uh. shit. shuttup.

  • Slit

    It’s obviously the stamen, guyz.

  • Mama

    It’s a dick coming out of a cabbage…..

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