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Very clever

Filed under: Random

  • ashley


  • http://WTFTattoos Shannon

    Well, Fu Q 2

  • nhad

    cared enough to get the tatoo

  • Jalo

    should have used a pic of “ALL” laundry detergent instead of the word

  • gina lucaj

    Haaa. Pure…awesomeness.

  • Lizzzzaaayy!

    Lol…that IS clever!!!

  • BoBo Kitty Funk

    You’ll start caring when you realize just how retarded that tattoo actually is!

  • BoBo Kitty Funk

    oh, and Shannon, it’s FA Q…

  • CrackMan

    I have to agree with BoBo on this one…kinda dorky. Not something I would want to show off at a family reunion or a corporate pool party…just sayin’…

  • Sara

    My mothertounge is not english. Can someone explain it? It has to be something crude but I don´t get it.
    Eye (I)(see)
    All carrots doughnut see: All carrots are blind? lol. Now that can´t be it…

  • CrackMan

    I don’t care at all
    Eye Donut Carrot All

  • Sara

    @CrackMan: Thanks a lot!
    Although my “blind carrot” interpretation isn´t that bad either ;)

  • CrackMan

    @Sara–you’re welcome. I’m here to help and also to provide humor at the same time…

  • Laura

    should’ve been Eye Donut Carrot Owl

  • Hammered

    got a winner

  • kp

    Laura is right

  • Tender Vittles

    Is this some kind of Italian-slang-guido-douche tattoo word puzzle?

  • Dave

    stating the obvious


    Instead of the word all , he should of had an awl. Too late now, and he does not carrot awl !

  • guido

    i do not care at all what this tattoo means

  • AlfaCowboy

    Perhaps it’s clever for a retard. To a non-retard it’s, well, just retarded.

  • John

    “I see carrot f*cking donut, that’s all.”

  • Fallon

    We can tell you don’t care at all. Trust.

  • Dave

    Eye Candy Root All

  • bECCA

    I would have thought it should have an awl (a tool) in place of ALL but people would probably not have gotten that since it kinda looks like a screwdriver.

  • Sean

    He should’ve had an owl as the last part instead of the word.

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