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  1. Chris says:

    this tattoo may be partially fake, there is no way in hell they are tattooing red over that black and have it “pop” that good. on the other hand the virgin part may be real and i cant get over what dumbass would tattoo that on thier body and then think its cute to put the “void” part over it, what a HO, i feel bad for any guy that has to look at that while hes getting sloppy seconds!

  2. broketaxpayer says:

    Yeah, that’s cute–for about 30 seconds! I hope this is a fake.

  3. CanuckLulu says:

    With a belly button that gross, you may want to re think any tattoo in that area.

  4. Steve Allen says:

    If that wasn’t so dumb looking that would be funny, well almost.

  5. Humperdinck says:

    It was all done at the same time. She wanted a tattoo to let everyone know she is not a virgin. My guess is that she wouldn’t need this tattoo in the first place. Everyone probably knew already.

  6. vet says:

    I wanted to put my name on a virgins tummy after I did her that had my name and a message for the next dude. How does my dick taste?

  7. Randy Marsh says:

    I’d stamp that.

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