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  1. lotus says:

    Permanent corpse paint on one side?

  2. Snake Plissken says:

    So what career path does this individual plan on following once he’s exhausted the employment opportunities for “assholes”? Guess he’s going to have to find a “mama” with low self esteem to take care of him once his parents boot him out of the basement.

  3. tim says:

    you can play this guy on D-Bagging, too!!

  4. Josie says:

    Douche bag man.

  5. adriel says:

    and he thinks his the shit hahahahahaha

  6. seeing double says:

    So not only is he on this site but he has an “ad” on Craigslist dating site looking for someone to cuddle with.

  7. CrackMan says:

    Maybe he can get hired as a stunt double for The Phantom of the Opera or something. On second thought, he’ll probably be cutting grass lawns for the next 30 yrs before he gets hit by a bus…

  8. I Drank What says:

    this is totally going to date me….DUDE YOU AREN’T HAWK FROM THE ROAD WARRIORS! (80’s and 90’s wrestling tag team kids look ’em up! LOL)

  9. Ken says:

    He should turn his hoodie around the other way…

  10. Big o says:

    Any thing to take attention away from the fact that he is a red head. WANKER!!

  11. Thesmartone says:

    Gingers always wanting more attention..

  12. Bigdurk says:

    This queer screams “backyard wrestler” to me. But he clearlythinks he’s pretty cool.

  13. cal says:

    You ginger homo nice bat wing on your clock .start saving for laser removal fonc (friend of no c–t)

  14. momto3pink1blue says:

    i fully believe in self expression and all, but i really just don’t get the appeal of huge facial tattoos.

  15. khris says:

    this guy looks like he got a starfish stuck on his face that died and left a permanent impression that just stood

  16. lookin-at-losers says:

    likely an improvement. certainly a loser and will be dead or in prison in less than 5.

  17. greenies says:


  18. Queenie says:

    Looks like a pubic area with eyeball in clitoris…? Spooky!

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