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  1. Dave says:

    a face only a momma could love

  2. John C says:

    @Dave… even his momma doesn’t love him!

  3. KJ says:

    I love Minnesota too, but I don’t think I would go this far. I’ll stick to a Wild logo on my wrist.

  4. Hammered says:

    He loves Minnesota!!! He even got the state’s many lakes tattooed on his face…wait a minute…those aren’t tattoos.

  5. meh says:

    He looks like that guy from teen mom2

  6. Viking says:

    The tat is an improvement to that mug.

  7. tomtom869 says:

    I didn’t notice at first, but he has the Twins baseball team logo next to one eye, and the shape of Minnesota next to his other eye. And a teardrop next to his nose.

  8. Tessah says:

    I guess next time he’s arrested, the police will know what state’s list of parole violators to look at

  9. scal says:


  10. Donut says:

    HOLY SHIT! Is that fitty Tyson???

  11. Keto says:

    He makes me so ashamed to be from Minnesota…

  12. Fallon says:

    Wait does he have tattoos of blemishes???

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