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Know how I know you’re mentally unstable?


Filed under: Portraits, Product placement

  • ComicBookGuy

    WTF? Is that a leg?

  • jerry

    Twilight giving teenagers and fat women romantic feelings since 2005

  • BB

    Holy shiite! That’s one extremely fat thigh!!!! Look at all that cottage cheese!!!! Someone won’t be alive for long to enjoy that tattoo. Obesity kills more than smoking!

  • Stephanie

    Who cares about the fat leg,why get that tattoo of all things? Couldn’t you just buy the stupid t-shirt and poster at Walmart?

  • snake

    How did the artist maintain a steady hand while that great mass of putrid, rotting whale fat with its festering boils quivered under his gun?

  • missy

    It looks a spit with gyro meat on it.

  • lazypadawan

    It took me five minutes to realize that wasn’t tattooed on a man’s ribcage.

  • Jerry

    It’s a good thing his favorite movie wasn’t The 300!

  • MissBored

    I don’t know the names of the characters, but the one on the bottom right looks like he’s sniffing her cottage cheese.

  • Jack Goff

    Isn’t that Randy Travis?

  • Blahblah

    Just imagine, that old fat broad stuffs her cheese hole at night dreaming of being tag-teamed by a pearly fag and an minority. How disgusting.

  • gothchiq

    What. WHAT. What the hell body part is this? And what part is slightly showing to the left of it? Oh no, nononononoNO. A Twilight tattoo on…. uh…. whatever that lumpy mass of flab is. Disgusting. *hurls*

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