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  1. kingdread says:

    nice ass love the tat placement!!

  2. Viper says:

    Talk about spoiling the view.

  3. Badonkadonk says:

    Judging by the lines on her skin, she looks like she just finished using the toilet. Very nice gap btw.

  4. RandomAndrew says:

    It’d stick my little richard in that tutti fruitty.

  5. Popanator says:

    Everything about this erotic pciture made me so hawnee! I’d fist that poopie hole until it bleeds and then use the blood as lube for the other end!

  6. Again says:

    “OOOOh GIIIIIRL, that gonna look HAWT when dat gov’mint cheese kicks in!”

    Or not… Unless you go by the low class “ghetto standard” America seems to groove on nowadays, in which case just sit on back, collect that welfare check from Big Daddy Gov, and watch “dat ass” get fatter and fatter!

  7. Rocketman says:

    What tattoo??? all I see is a nice ass…

  8. Jason F. says:

    Umm the girl is Magalomania on Tumblr, and she is smoking hot!

  9. Heather says:

    That’s a fucking stupid tattoo.

  10. assman says:

    such a sexy ass i wonder if it tastes like tutty fruity

  11. M says:

    Works with the original lyrics of the song, I guess?

  12. iwelcomeu says:

    @AGAIN. you don’t know anything about this person, she may work for her money or she may not, just don’t assume!

  13. M DOGG says:

    Call ha miss tutti frutti dam you gotta big booty

  14. Lars Pearl says:

    talking about the SMELL or what ?

  15. Eric says:

    Like the “On Rudy”!!

  16. Annoyed says:

    Although all you say she has a great ass, she will never be a respectable person. She might as well have tattooed “whore” on her forehead.

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  19. akvaryum says:

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  21. Jack Goff says:

    When did Richard Simmons get a tattoo? I knew he was a fruit, he finally came out of the closet?

  22. Emma says:

    Lovely tattoo, shame about all the nasty comments. Why must people turn into vultures online? Some of you people should be ashamed.

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