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True Blood

Filed under: Misspelled tattoos

  • katsi


  • Watertender

    The tattoo artist that does my work checks spelling and you have to sign a form stating the spelling is correct. He also does not tattoo drunks and he works by appointment only. He does quite a bit of coverup work fixing stupid shit just like this….

  • Bunny

    Maybe they are French…
    Go on… Say it with a French accent!

  • riki tiki

    UNHOLY SHITE !!!!!

  • jockeyshifter

    As an old sign painter who has drawn all the flash for my tats, I too had to make sure of my spelling while painting signs. This just proves the old adage, ‘Cheap signs (or tattoos) aren’t good, and good signs (or tattoos) aren’t cheap”.

  • Triz

    Hate so say it, but the word vampier is just saying vampire in a crapload of other languages. I’m dutch, and though not very stylish, this would be valid in a way.

  • Jenny

    @Bunny The correct spelling in French is also Vampire. So this is just a stupid mistake.

  • kristina

    What a losre. Haha…I did that on purpose. See how awesome it is to misspell?

  • Todd

    Vampier is the correct spelling in Dutch. It’s Vampyyri in Finish. Vampir in German…

  • AlfaCowboy

    Actually, the correct spelling is “stupidadolescentfad.”

  • Jonny insano

    Its a new kind of pier people!

  • Dachsiegrrl

    Has anyone considered “vampier” as in “more vampy”? Just sayin.
    Either way, dumb tat.

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