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  1. Douchy Douche says:

    Shows never lasts forever. How dumb would that look after the show ends? About as dumb as putting a husband/wife name. :(

  2. FabAnn says:

    Well I agree the tattoo isn’t my taste to each their own. I only commented for the above post. I, dear Douchy have my husbands name on my neck. And as dumb as you look at it I see it as he is the one I married, the one who has fathered my children. And lets say somethings happens tomorrow still wouldn’t regret it. So instead of calling people you do not know names. Just do not get your partners name on you. Plain and simple.

  3. Whatever says:

    Hahah. You wouldn’t regret your ex husband’s name on your NECK?? Whatever you have to tell yourself to get through the day. I bet if you could afford laser removal it’d be gone tomorrow. So lame.

  4. The Stig says:

    This is a wicked tattoo and as for douchy, Top Gear has been around for a very long time, used to watch old top gear as a kid 80’s/90’s and its been going strong again since 2002 and is now on the 13th season with no sign of it ending anytime soon.
    And dont be upset cause im guessing you have you’re ex’s name tattooed on you right?

  5. Philip says:

    I’m guessing The Stig would be proud :)

  6. MrBillisDead says:

    I think this was put on with a toaster!

  7. jebus crispy says:

    great show, ridiculous tat. the stig should run you over.

  8. Steve says:

    WTF was you thinking getting that done? I’m guessing not a lot dumb-ass.

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