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Here’s the story on this one: “A friend of mine had it done… He was drunk, his friend couldn’t spell, and the artist took his word on how to spell “tomorrow” as “tommorroe””

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  1. Netjnke says:

    Wonder if the artist thought … “Hope” I’m spelling it right.

  2. Missy says:

    Please people, use spell check!

  3. Ur mom says:

    Don’t use spell check, so we can ”laff”

  4. John C says:

    Stupid people doing stupid things!

  5. MannythePirate says:

    First of all if you’re of age to get a tattoo and you cannot spell ‘TOMORROW’ then you do not need to spend your money on tattoos, you need to spend your money on your education. … On the bright side, this tattoo can easily be fixed.

  6. fiona says:

    I thought tattoo artists were not supposed to tattoo drunks? They always say no alcohol when I go. Also, did the artist not know it was wrong too??

  7. BB says:

    I’m trying to figure out what’s funnier: The idiot with the misspelled tattoo, or the mods misspelling the misspelled word in the title??? Both are pretty funny!

  8. Netjnke says:

    BB … I noticed that too lol

  9. Jayboss says:

    That deep emotional phrase will look stunning against the back drop of his taco bell uniform.

  10. Fiona says:

    The mods always spell the word the way it was spelled in the tattoo…that is the whole you know that the tattoo will be about the word tomorrow, spelled wrong

  11. BB says:

    Yes, Fiona, but the misspelled word in the title is not the same as in the tattoo.

    Tattoo = tommoroe
    Title = tomorroe

  12. Juggss30 says:

    Is yesturday misspelled to?

  13. Gat says:

    @fiona: In all probability, the “artist” was a dude who bought his tattoo gun off craigslist. I know a guy who does that stuff, you can be an average tattoo artist if you know how to color in the lines and have transfer paper.

  14. Jack Goff says:

    “On the bright side, this tattoo can easily be fixed.”

    Yeah what the hell, I mean, it’s almost spelled right. Tommoroe.. Hell what’s 3 letters?

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