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To catch a predator

Filed under: Face tattoos

  • Kristi

    This image should be posted at every tattoo parlor to let people know what they’ll look like in 40 years…and the plastic baby doll, too.

  • sarah

    I don’t know what I am more disturbed by — his head tattoo or the fact the he totally defaced that doll. What the hell???

  • gus

    it looks like the dude from ‘breaking bad’ in a few years..

  • m

    Pedophilia isn’t funny but this douche bag sure is.

  • Josie

    Yeah, that’s creepy.

  • murphy

    And he wonders why the grand kids don`t visit anymore !

  • ruckus

    is that the guy from bumfights with his wiener tattooed?

  • jb

    Result of poor mental health program in his state.

  • Juleee

    It seemed like an awesome idea when he was 24 and finishing up a 3 day drinking binge.

  • Sammie

    I think this guy is actually pretty cool. It looks like the doll is just supposed to be a joke.

  • ricky

    AWW. He brought a little friend, too. :)

  • Nick Aids

    Yeah, this is a pretty cool picture, i don’t understand why you people disagree with his life choices so much?
    It’s his body, not yours.
    Also, the baby is intended to be a joke.

  • kus

    @ gus i thought the same thing Walter White haha !!

  • Queenie

    Regardless of everything I sure hope he was born sterile.

  • Jack Goff

    Now if this guy’s not a child molester I’ll eat $hit!

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