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This tattoo = bad

Filed under: Random

  • Loki

    kinda says it all in it’s sad jail house way

  • John C

    Someday, they will regret that on their skin!

  • susy

    At least he has love first.

  • Jeremiah

    That’s not even jailhouse quality that’s more some douche with a safety pin and India ink I’ve seen some great work out of lock up

  • Cmfh

    Looks like hes at a tattoo shop

  • Blahblahblah

    Looks like Sharpie work to me.

  • Dj KuB

    What a waste of skin

  • MrBillisDead

    Translation: I would “LOVE” to get rid of this awful tattoo that causes me a lot of “PAIN” and I “HATE” it.But now I am stuck with it for “LIFE”.

  • energizer


    Hopefully he’s there to get that nightmare covered.

  • Just Me

    It’s obvious: this not a tattoo (yet). Probably feltpen or whatever, but no tattoo ink…

  • PJ

    Wow. A cry for help if I ever saw one. Not just the badness of the tattoo, but what it says. Still better than cutting.

  • APink

    Come on, this whole I’m so sad and depressed because life is so hard trend is getting old. Life is hard, we all know it. If you don’t like your life, you are the only one who can change it.
    To me this isn’t a cry for help, but more of a cry for attention.

  • 616

    im pretty sure thats a pre-coverup photo

  • Shan

    Looks like marker – Life’s tough dude, wear a helmet or something.

  • Ken

    You don’t know what you’re talking about! That’s beautiful work!

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