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This makes me not want to live anymore

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  1. mizzle says:

    Lick what? The booty hole? Please eradicate this moron asap!

  2. SilentSkream says:

    I don’t even know if you can tell if this is a dude or a chick …. *puzzled* wrong is a good way to put this tatt though

  3. adam says:

    i think its a girl but basically it means take a guy’s dick like as if your screwing yourself with a lollipop instead and from where its on her body im guessing it means up the ass.

  4. Aubie says:

    Like a lollipop that you found in the dirt at the playground….

  5. bitch says:

    Looks like shit and it’s a really stupid tattoo. A real prize winner here!!!!

  6. shootit says:

    what is with the ass-squeezed-into-tube-jeans “fashion”? i don’t get it, it is hideous.

  7. pcfriedrich (mobile) says:


  8. Chelsea says:

    HaHa I like how she’s standing in front of the bacon at the grocery store.

  9. Missy says:

    What will “she/he” think when they are 70+?

  10. Vinyl says:

    Lmao, at first I thought it said, “Dick it like a lollipop.” At least choose the same font throughout the thing…

  11. katie says:

    OMG SHE HAS A MUFFIN TOP! might wanna try a bigger size next time… no words can discribe that nasty tattoo! what is her ass gonna eat the tattoo too like her jeans are doing lol!

  12. NoTatsForMe says:

    katie, that is an insult to muffin-tops everywhere.

  13. cajita-feliz says:

    Girls with asses don’t get muffin tops. I am offended by this chick getting a tramp stamp with such a COMPLETE LACK OF ASS.

    THAT is an insult. My ass is twitching in anger.

    And can someone tell me what the hell is on top of the “L”? Is it a double traffic light? a microwave? a drippy air conditioner?

  14. Birdmannaz says:

    Looks like a product recall.

  15. Tessah says:

    You guys are reading way too far into that! Its just quoting a line from that stupid lollypop song. I just threw up a little.

  16. rose says:

    they do say fat girls can suck a mean dick 😛

  17. Invisible_Jester89 says:

    … No. I will not, bad tattoo.

  18. LiveLaughLove13 says:

    At first i thought that was a side photo of VERY pregnant woman… then i realized it is just a VERY large Man/Woman…

  19. Fallon says:

    Is that an ice cube on top of the L? Schmexy.

  20. AKphilly says:

    The lollipop is square like the ass it’s on

  21. Harry Dix 'n Mike Hunt says:

    cajita-feliz, its a dresser on top off the L. You can see the drawers, handles and legs. I can’t believe you couldn’t figure that out. It’s so logical you know.

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