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This is annoying to read

Filed under: Random

  • aaron

    The toenails are worse than the tat..

  • chris

    I have to admit there is nothing cool about the tat or the nail job.

  • bekkidee

    LMFAO..I think she needs to cut her toenails..that is so gross..its like dude from dumb & dumber. HAHAHAHA..the toenails are def worse than that tattoo. who wants to crawl in bed and get cuddly when you’re gonna get sliced up by some nasty long ass toenails.

    I wonder if these people on here ever browse the site & see their pic & see all the comments of people making fun of them. LMAO!

  • Hex

    The toes are the worst. Ugly as hell… And these are some womens feet…

  • Munch

    lmao she should have put that in between her upper thighs

  • scoooobie dooooooobie dooo

    Nasty toes stupid tatt … Shaneequa needs to cut those disgusting things off

  • Katie

    I don’t know which one is worse, the nails or the tat. It looks like she’s got claws for toenails. The nail polish is interesting though.

  • susy

    Eww … Nasty!

  • bl6ckr0s3

    Stupidest tat & lame ass toenail polish. Wat a waste of $$$.

  • Liz

    Nails, tatt, and corns. She just needs a foot makeover!

  • Carrie Jenkins

    Wow, toe knuckles. I bet she can ball em up and bust the heck outta someone with them.

  • NoTatsForMe

    Those sure look like man feet to me.

  • Kari

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be nice to her either after seeing those toenails. :P

  • CrackMan

    Them’s some gnarly toes….I guess her boy toy can read that tattoo after he gets done sucking her toes for an hour fifteen…

  • Loki

    as dangerous as these animals are, at times they can be quite humerous.

  • cajita-feliz

    HEY. You can shut up about her toenails. I’d like to see YOU swoop down over a lake and impale a fish to carry home for your family.

  • John

    Dem is some ugly toes..

  • Casey K

    look at those ghetTOES!! eesh!!!

  • CrackMan

    Imagine them cold feet getting rubbed on you while she’s spooning ya under warm blankets…could get interesting…

  • HoneyBadger

    I had no idea that Gollum had tats on his feet.

  • booboo

    i think those are acrylic toe nails… if so wtf… if not double wtf

  • Sharon

    And her toenails are ugly too!

  • Tessah

    Definitely acrylic toenails. She paid pretty good money to get those fake nails put on her toes…and for the tat for that matter… I guess money doesnt buy good taste!

  • nothingtodo

    hopefully she/he never has an accident that’ll call for a leg amputation.

  • APink

    I had to force myself to look away from her toenails to see the tattoo! This gal is all around white trash!

  • Tina

    Damn I think she needs to cut those toenails………… could plow a garden with those nasty ass things!

  • dick

    and remember ladies.. every guy says hammer toes is a deal breaker

  • AKphilly

    Cajita wins funniest comment hands down…eagle claws nigga!

  • Mark

    WTF, is that a hobbit?

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