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This crazy lady again

Remember this crazy woman with rapper Drake’s name tattooed on her forehead? Well apparently she either got beat up or had her cheeks tattooed black.

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  1. swolfmoon says:

    This woman is clearly not right in the head. I can’t believe that any tattoo artist would be willing to put their name to this for fear of ruining their reputation. Perhaps it would be a good idea for there to be a mental health screening before the tattooist will perform their work…or at least a google search, because chances are, if they really are that bat-shit crazy, there would be proof of it somewhere on the internet. I just dread to think what her family, friends, boyfriend/husband, as well as any of her children will say about this. If she already has kids and a partner of some sort, I pity them. If she is single with no kids, then I would imagine her spending the rest of her life being ostracized from the community because of her stupidity. Honestly though, some people just shouldn’t be allowed to procreate!

  2. cassi says:

    Haha THIS IS GREAT….stop thinking to far into it,shes an idiot, PLAIN & SIMPLE :)

  3. John C says:

    Nothing says I am unhireable like a face tattoo!

  4. SLC says:

    A “tattoo artist” did not do this… A kitchen magician or cellmate did. Don’t use the word art when referring to garbage like this. It’s insulting to those of us that actually collect tattoo art.

  5. Bianca says:

    Here’s the interview with the artist about the tattoo, he didn’t even know who Drake was until this shit got out.

  6. Ron McDonald says:

    I’d tap that.

  7. Ali says:

    swolfmoon – There is very little that at tattoo artist will deny. You don’t have to be crazy to get a face tattoo, though I would recommend it. And who said “Drake” was in reference to the rapper?

  8. drm says:

    This poor girl needs professional help.

  9. Phendraana says:

    Ah, face tattoos… The undeniable marker of someone who does not make their money in a legal manner.

    And what the hell is that grey shit on her face? She looks like she was just in a propane explosion. Is this some new chola fashion or something?

  10. sjw says:

    whats rap ?

  11. MARCUSEME says:

    oh she looks nice.. I think this is the one, my parents would like me to get old with and inherit their hard-worked money

  12. cajita-feliz says:

    Did anyone ever consider that maybe it was not about a rapper, but rather a Nickelodeon character? Like Drake Bell… of Drake and Josh. >_>


  13. lnl says:

    Could those black smudges be a tat of angel wings?

  14. Carrie says:


  15. Hamsture says:

    It looks like she rubbed ashes on her cheeks. To me, she seems like someone who has a serious mental illness combined with a drug habit. In the interview, the tattooist says that she looked like she was tripping on something. Obviously his priority is money, since no competent artist would tattoo someone who is visibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  16. CrackMan says:

    She’s actually a pretty girl; just need to put a little lip gloss/eye liner, and maybe some blush in the shade of red. Now, she’s Drake’d up…

  17. Studz21 says:

    wow what a dumb bitch….

  18. Redheadactress says:

    Well most people don’t know that the rapper known as Drake is actually Audrey Graham and he used to play Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi.

  19. Babs says:


  20. Babs says:

    @Redheadactress alot of people knew that

  21. Pogorello says:

    Don´t know what looks worse – the tattoo or her octopus-beak-like mouth . . .

  22. LOSERS says:

    Great my tax dollars are paying for her to live.

  23. PizzaBillyTX says:

    She should have got Chris Brown on her face with those black eyes

  24. StopTalkingOutYourAss says:

    While I HATE this tattoo, and am not a fan of face tattoos anyway… you are in no way paying for this chick with your tax dollars. She’s an heiress. Don’t be so quick to assume someone is “trash” or that all people that use assistance are. You’re proving yourself to be less intelligent than her tattoo choice.

  25. whatever says:

    Welll the guy who tattooed her has no integrity. Admits in the interview she was high on something when she came in. Should have turned her away if he had any pride in his work. But he sounds like a complete jerk-off. So they deserve each other I guess.

  26. Mike J says:

    Hopefully she is no one’s mother. Even Drake would be embarrassed.

  27. Wow_Really says:

    This chick is as stupid as they come and the artist should had denied her. I have seen my artist deny 18 year olds from getting thier first tattoo on thier forarm

  28. Kyle Hoesle says:

    who do you think she is listening too through them headphones?

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