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  1. Rainbabyy says:

    Woww. Because that’s gonna get you a girl

  2. cajita-feliz says:

    Classy as a mug, man. Class-ee.

  3. Jalo says:

    hey smell my finger…

  4. saundra says:

    well at least we can tell he is right handed.

  5. John C says:

    Explain that to your kids!

  6. Dj KuB says:

    only a person who doesn’t get any action would tattoo that on his/her hand.

  7. Amber says:

    Wow,…. Just…. Wow

  8. jlynnsmiley says:

    Holy hell! there is no way in hell i would sleep with that guy after seeing that tat. Of course any A-hole who would get that probably isn’t a prize in the first place!!!

  9. Yaheard says:

    I would not let those nasty looking fingers anywhere near my pink or my stink…

  10. pcfriedrich says:

    I don’t have any tattoos on my fingers. Can I put them in your pink and stink?

  11. pcfriedrich says:

    Again, don’t tattoo artists ever say: “out of respect for my artistic integrity, I am not putting that on somebody’t body. Find somebody else.”? I know if I did tattoos, I wouldn’t do that to somebody. I wouldn’t want him going around associating that garbage with my name.

  12. Derp says:

    lolll that’s amazing, what’s wrong with you people. Out of all of the stupid, horrible tattoos we see on here, this one is actually well done, clever, original, and hilarious. Those of us that carry visible tattoos are usually prepared to go through life with what people are always going to see, so I say right on. I wouldn’t nail anyone based on a hand tattoo like the above commentors seem so concerned with, but I’d definately have a laugh with this guy.

  13. Jami says:

    I’ll say the same thing I said to a friend who posted this on FB – any guy tried that on me I’d cut his hand off. Sorry, the stink is exit only. And any smart woman would avoid this guy like the plague. The only types of women he’d get are drunk ones with more STDs than Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan combined.

  14. CoCo says:

    So you’re all grossed out by this instead of the sexy lady who has a tramp stamp that says “free rides”? Humans…

  15. Jessica says:

    I can imagine that’ll be loads of fun in job interviews, when he goes to shake hands with the HR people.
    You might as well just tell them, ‘I have low impulse control and fail to think through decisions.’

  16. mandy says:

    Jami, we all know you will never have that problem. By the way how’s your brother and niece doing?

  17. Elizadeath says:

    Okay, I really don’t mean any offense to you guys who are decent men, but guys like this make me want to be a lesbian.

  18. Phendraana says:

    @pcfriedrich- Right here! I won’t do stupid shit like this.

  19. Jenn says:

    Original yes….well done….maybe so…..but that is the most awful and disgusting tat I’ve ever seen.

  20. Kayla says:

    This guy listens to too much Steel Panther and takes it seriously YUCK!!!

  21. L says:

    Am I the only one who does not know WTF this means?

  22. Kristi says:

    Lmfao!!!!!! HILLARIOUS. I love it this guy has a sense of humor which y’all obviously don’t. I highly doubt he’s gonna walk up to random girls n show it to them n say so what ya think? Why are any of you looking at this site if something so small and funny is so Completly repulsive? I could see if he had a spread open puss on the back of his hands, however even that I’d laugh! 😀

  23. james says:

    In case he forgets where each finger goes. Idiot…

  24. turdbird says:

    Well he’ll never be a hand model

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