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The only kid at high school with a tribal face tattoo


Filed under: Face tattoos, Tribal

  • Bobbo

    I doubt he’s in high school, looks more like a dropout to me…

  • Bob the LumberJack

    Headed for prison!

  • Gat

    It looks like his face “tat” is smeared. I call shenanigans.

  • Dan

    That shit is faker than the moon landing.

  • cfh

    Its fake. And no self respecting tattooist would put that crap on a kid that young

  • troof be told

    hes taking a selfie

  • Snap N. McGarrett

    Mexican tattoo artists will tatt anyone with money, age is of no concern to them

  • drm

    Um…exactly which tribe are we repping here, kiddo?

  • Bobbo

    I think the tribe is the “fagoons”.

  • Watertender

    I bet it would wash off with a good long swirly…. It needs to be a full bowl with a nice big corn turd in it to give him the proper treatment……

  • bean

    Hopefully he’s doing it for laughs. If he really thinks he’s tough or something he’s got a rude awakening coming. I’m pretty sure most kids could snap him like a twig.

  • Cookie Monster1971

    “Thank you for your resume but we do not have any openings at the moment”

  • Nas-D

    If you have a tribal tattoo, and have no tribal affiliation, you might be a douche bag.

  • steffany007

    Fake! And if it is real, why tribal on the face? I like face tatts, but tribal is douchey.

  • katsi

    This guy gives homos a bad name.

  • Hammered

    he’s home-schooled. But mom has put him in bad cornered for getting that awful tat.

  • BreezyT

    The comment above regarding “no job openings” is entirely correct. I have a small crescent moon & star beside my right eye and it has been HELL trying to get a job since I got it.. I don’t regret it, however I do wish that people wouldn’t be so judgmental when it comes to face tats. You can’t escape people who suffer from the “Better-than-thou” syndrome though.

  • Autumn

    Isn’t this kid too young for a Grindr profile?

    I understand about not judging people, but if facial tattoos make clients, patients, students, customers, etc. uncomfortable, then HR or hiring manager will not consider someone with a facial tattoo. Put make up on it when you go to interviews/work. Express yourself on weekends. I had to cover my wrist tattoo at my old job. NBD. Lots of people are uneasy around facial tattoos and piercings. You just need to consider that if you want to work with people. Good luck to you!

  • Jack Goff


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