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Filed under: Animals, Hall of Shame

  • Woot

    This chick should not be allowed to own any animal! I this one is even worse than Romney Ryan tat on hall of fame.

  • jerry

    Hey I’ve seen this show in Mexico

  • loki

    Classy! :(

  • ComicBookGuy

    WTF Tattoo Hall of Fame nominee!

  • coin

    hey, I bet that is where Miley Cyrus’ career trajectory is heading

  • Jack Goff

    There’s a special place in hell for people like this.

  • One Regert

    I’ve seen the video this was based on.

  • Lee

    will color be added later ? , if so repost ?

  • DarkMagna

    Good line work

  • Watertender

    Ahh yes!!! Tijuana’s finest entertainment memorialized in ink…

  • missy

    Please don’t let this person have breed.

  • Jack Goff

    There are many other ways he could have honored his mother rather than showing her like that.

  • Picklestink

    Soooo how do you think they explain this when taking their kids to the pool. “Well son, this is what your mother and I call “date night.”

  • Jerry

    Giddyup !!!!

  • I eat POOP

    And on the other arm (or leg, or whatever extremity) I wonder if he has a tattoo of “Wanda, the bearded lady who opens beer bottles with her pussy”. Now I’ve seen that show down in Tijuana!

  • Bananaqt

    The girl on top is wearing a strap on…fking the horse? I can tell she is very focused.

  • Stephanie

    People,if you see this on anyone,run really really far away.

  • Walzto

    I love it!!

  • Schroeds

    I have a boner

  • Dilupa

    This really is a WTF one. lol

  • Gordon

    What is this show called?

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