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The best tattoo to get before going to prison

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  1. Halo says:

    I dunno, hearing “Me too!” could be a bad day.

  2. Bob the LumberJack says:

    They won’t care!

  3. JO MAMA says:

    they most likely have it too

  4. kingoftheheavies says:

    That’s where he got the disease to begin with.

  5. JustMe says:

    Since you’re required by law to tell anyone you have sex with that you’re HIV positive or you can be charged with manslaughter (involuntary I think), I’d say he’s just making sure he’s covered if he has drunk sex that he doesn’t remember.
    Still in poor taste, though.

  6. Hello Kitty says:

    i’m surprised that they even tattooed this on him knowing he was hiv positive

  7. Hello Pity says:

    Aside from the obvious nastiness of the HIV situation this is an ugly ass tattoo, why would you want something that big and UGLY, is it seriously something someone got before going to prison, WTF was this captain Moron thinking.

  8. Koalablue says:

    Terrible font

  9. wtf says:

    I hope the tattoo artist wore heavy duty gloves and threw away the needles.

  10. YeahOkSure says:

    Medical evaluations (including blood work) are required of all prisoners upon incarceration. HIV positive inmates are held in separate areas than inmates that don’t have it. This serves absolutely no purpose other than giving his new boyfriend something to chuckle about.

  11. Jason says:

    LMFAO @ Halo above!!!

  12. Anouk says:

    Just because the tattoo says HIV positive does not mean the guy is HIV positive. Could just be his deranged notion of a joke.

  13. Buster McThunderstick says:

    @justme how is anyone going to see that tattoo he has sex with, unless he’s the one getting boned

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