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That Kia commercial

The submitter of this pic writes: “My friend Mitch got this tattoo because he LEASES a Kia Soul.”

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  1. manhattan says:

    I think it’s kinda cool! lol I love those hamsters!

  2. mkij says:

    i dont even know what that Kia ad is? :/

  3. guadalisa says:

    funny story
    i went to pick up a rental one time and they gave me a Nissan cube. i threw a fit but they didn’t have anything else they could put me in. i was so embarrassed i drove slouched in the seat with my head down, hand trying to cover my face!
    with that said, i really want a soul and i know it is only because of those damn hamsters!!!

  4. Loki says:

    Never seen the ad, but the tatt looks well done. It’s just the KIA part I dont get.

  5. LOSERS says:

    KIA is one of the worst cars on the road. If you buy one of these junk cars because of a hamster. Well I have some beach front property I’d like to sell ya in Indiana.

  6. DixieLandMan says:

    My wife and I call them drunk cars. As in ‘how drunk were you when you bought this thing?”

  7. WJP says:

    The tattoo is incredibly well done. It’s just a shame that this is something that this great artist is adding to his portfolio.

  8. Tender Vittles says:

    My daughter said they should throw a couple of boas into the KIA hamster commercials for some fun… I tend to agree.

  9. Kim says:

    Nice work, but it’s going to be so dated in a couple of years. Pop culture and fads in general are a fail.

  10. […] dude with a tattoo for his car Joining the ranks of the Kia hamster tattoo guy, this guy got the name of his favorite car tattooed in massive letters on his […]

  11. William says:

    Trends belong in your closet, not in your skin.

  12. Jeff in Alabama says:

    Mitch is a dumbass!!

  13. Alexx says:

    I’m a girl and I would never be caught dead in one of those cars. What a loser

  14. murphys says:

    So what will he do when the lease is up ?

    Pretty lame and it’s already dated.

  15. tattoowife13 says:

    Hahaha! I love the kia hampsters! I’m actually in the process of teaching my self the dance they do in the commercial. Kinda difficult for someone who only does classical ballet and contemporary… but I deffinately would not b adding these guys to my collection of tattoos no matter how much I love them.

  16. John G says:

    He put a severed artery over the head of one of the hamsters which is good planning on his part since that’s what he’ll have for real if he ever hits an SUV in a shitty car like that.

  17. Samlovesgiraffes says:

    omg I love love love this 😀

  18. Mannie says:

    He lives the Kia soo much yet he got a LEASE!!

  19. BIG DADDY says:


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