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Nope, this tattoo isn’t actually on Tim Tebow, but rather on a fan of his who likely has a different last name. This guy isn’t the only one with a Tim Tebow tattoo though — check out this guy who got this weird “Tebow Time” tat.

Thanks to Richard for sending this in

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  • BodyMarks

    Wow, really. Kind of makes you his bitch?!

  • John C

    Someday, no one will know what it means!

  • AZTech2020


  • CrackMan

    Where do these retards come from?

  • pcfriedrich

    He can always cover that up someday, with , like a huge tattoo of a giant thorny briar…

  • pcfriedrich

    I’m sure he lost a bet…

  • pcfriedrich

    Do tattoo artists ever say “out of respect for my artistic reputation, I am not going to put that on someone’s body. Find someone else”?

  • jack

    Idol worship is supposed to be frowned upon in Christianity.

  • drm

    The power of Christ compels you!
    The power of Christ compels you!
    The power of Christ compels you!

  • mrwhyte

    Another idiot who made it past natural selection. This is what’s wrong with the world we let retards like him live.

  • Popanator

    I wish my daddie would fist me to his teeelbow~!!

  • Memor Obilia

    and after Saturday’s game, he decided against getting the letters filled in.

  • murphy

    wow this tattoo is ALMOST as gay as tebow his self

  • Lynn

    G A Y

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