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Filed under: Product placement


    must be confusing it with his own penis size

  • Tonto

    This is udderly sickening. Heh, heh, heh.

  • Jack Goff

    I like how he has a cross on his left side. Such a good Christian fellow.

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  • used tampon

    TAZ WAS A FEMAILE??????????????????????????????????????

  • Cool Hand Luke

    As the youngest of the Looney Tunes characters, the Tasmanian Devil, or ‘Taz’ as he has come to be known, is generally portrayed as a ferocious albeit dim-witted omnivore with a notoriously short temper and little patience and a very large penis. He will eat anything and everything, with an appetite that seems to know no bounds and has reportedly sucked a penis or two. He is best known for his speech consisting mostly of grunts, growls and rasps, and his ability to spin like a vortex and bite through just about anything.

    In 1991, Taz got his own show, Taz-Mania, which ran for four seasons, in which Taz was the protagonist. Eventually, Taz came out of the closet and showed his penis. It was much bigger than the one on this beaner.

  • ELF

    His Mama must be so proud !

  • murphys

    Well with a tat like the, he may never get laid … by a woman anyway.

  • Watertender

    This just shouts class on so many levels. Nothing that can’t be cured with a sawzall…..

  • Mike

    Lol the nipple is taz’s wang

  • larry longmore

    I would have though Taz had a bigger schwanz sticker than that

  • vet

    Is that how big this fat boys dick is also?

  • Rob

    got that right cocksucker. big dick and balls

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