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Tattooed Babe: She’s got legs

Filed under: Tattooed babes

  • Ding-Dong Delight

    “Hey guys- look how sexy I am! It only took seven hours of a big, fat, methed-out sweat hog ex-con biker with his face inches from my crotch to draw this crappy picture on my leg! I am seeew kewl.”

  • TheRock

    I’d part the petals of her flower.

  • mustangguy

    i’d still hit it.

  • KM

    She’s got Legs….as do we all. What is she, 13?

  • JB

    Wonder if there’s any ink on her inner thighs.

  • Veronika

    All you idiots who are negative are just jealous. She is not bad looking. You think she is because you are the fat ugly person with a heart attack burger in hand


    ^^ Good one Veronika. I am sick of the haters that still live with mom!

  • slick2177

    i love seeing ink work on hot chicks and she is a hot chick with a kick ass ink work

  • WebHound

    You guys are idiots!! That’s some hot ink! Well done, nice colours and sexy legs.

  • anunturi vanzari auto

    Happy to be visiting your blog again, it has been weeks for me. Well, this is the article that I’ve been waited for so long. Thanks,

  • jockeyshifter

    Ding Dong’s message just goes to prove, us bikers get all the chicks.

  • Griffy

    I think it looks good, doesn’t belong on wtf tattoos

  • stabby

    def the least wtf of all the tats i’ve seen on here.

  • leelee

    Ya this is nice ink along with nice legs…so why is it on this site?!

  • Nat

    I like it. I think it’s actually not that bad, there are so many worse tattoos out there that this is nothing really .. pretty girl too :)

  • Jesus Shaped Dildo

    Well, its hard to separate the artwork from the canvas in this case. She is beautiful, and so she can get away with a lot. And, the artwork also actually seems pretty good in this case.

    So, I’d tag it. :-)

  • John C

    You won’t be saying that is awsome after a couple of kids and a lot of extra pounds have stretched them out!

  • modbodmum

    lol Im covered in tats and I have 3 kids. Non is streched out. Its a really nice tat common tho but at least it will grow with her.

  • Inky Swallows

    Ding Dong you’re a dong! I’m a Tattooist and I am definitely not a big, fat, methed-out sweat hog ex-con biker. In fact I am a petite and fairly cute female and I take pride in my art. It makes me sad that there are so many ignorant uneducated t**ts out there. This is a nice piece BTW.

  • Lynze

    I agree with several of you on here, this is not that bad of a tat. Granted, let’s hope she stays healthy and fit as she is now so it will never become disfigured and regretable. Grats to her for enduring the ordeal

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