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Stupid fruity

Filed under: Random

  • Frank Incense

    Dude, your ass looks like Frankenstien’s Monster’s ass, it’s like stitched..

  • John C


  • Jessixa

    Tis true once past the lips goes straight to ur hips……but clearly this chica isnt just eatin healthy fruits lol…bad tattoo…. bad picture…. sorry girl i try to find beauty in most art but this is just “fruity” and not in a “yummy” way lol.

  • Katie

    What’ with the dotted line?

  • Katie

    What’s with the dotted line?

  • Erin

    Maybe their ants? Lol

  • Magnum

    Too bad that ain’t the type of food this broad is into she shoulda got tatts of all the fast food chain logos

  • Luckygrl

    I’m thinking those are ants and she’s implying that her ass is a picnic?? Which makes me wonder…where’s the koolaid n sammiches??? Bad tat,,bad bad tat

  • iriechyld

    The dots are ants…the tat is st00pid.

  • Dennis Perkerson

    Maybe they are fruitflies.

  • Loki

    What? No chicken and waffles? Not even a 40 oz. malt…

  • Loki

    props for the watermellon though

  • Loki

    also I think that line is crabs retreating to the rear. Where it doesn’t smell as bad!

  • Missy

    It all matches her cottage cheese thighs.

  • John

    Only thing missing is her Cherry.. TMI?

  • Meat

    Might never eat a piece of fruit again.

  • CrackMan

    I’m getting an Italian Antipasto tatoo this Saturday all over my neck and ass to celebrate my vegetarian lifestyle. Then, I’ll slam a Big Mac to dispell the pain and hurtfulness from my dorky hipster black-framed glasses that I bought.

  • CrackMan

    I apologize; I spelled TATTOO incorrectly in my above post. Please overlook my error. Back to adding constructive comments to all of these great samples of today’s art exhibits.

  • L

    More fruit in the mouth, less on the ass. That way the ass won’t need to wear a fruit disguise.

  • Annaliesa

    Back in my borderline anorexic teenager days, I weighed 102 lbs and still had wicked cellulite. Cellulite is normal. Whatever.

    But metal implants in between cartoonish fruit tattoos are not normal. I will say, though, that the Twilight cast tattoo on another entry is much, much worse.

  • Spacegeek Nat

    I know I’m on the other end of the opinion spectrum, but I kinda dig this one. It’s cute, it’s (normally) hidden (which is a nice change from face & neck work), and maybe she just really loves fruit. Those are the tats you should be getting. And it’s a line of ants trekking through the fruit salad. They’re raised because it’s fresh. C’mon, don’t you have any tattoos?


  • bow chicka wow wow

    I think she was going for the “ants in the pants” impression…

  • Babs

    Ummm yucky, those fruits have cellulite :(

  • redski1960

    There’s no better way to make cottage cheese appetizing than with fruit

  • TheBioChemist

    Are they scratch and sniff?!?!? Butt please just tell me and I’ll take your word for it…

  • redski1960

    No need for the cherry

  • emofluff

    Some fruit to go with her cottage cheese!!

  • Urjani Salvi

    This story is so amazing. I felt inspired by reading it! I think
    this place will become my latest bookmarked site!

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