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Strange Tim Tebow tattoo

Filed under: Athletes, Celebrity tattoos

  • pcfriedrich

    You gotta be kidding me. WTF?????

  • Doc

    Man the religious right that just love Tim Tebow are gonna go apoplectic over this one. How dare anyone even remotely make an analogy of such a descent, righteous christian as Tim Tebow to a mythical Greek demigod, it’s blasphemous at minimal. On the flip side Ancient Alien theorist Dr. Frenchy Shaprio MD PhD from the Cosmos University in Parsipaney New Jersey says it makes prefect sense. You decide.

  • Kendra

    That’s brilliant considering Elway and Fox haven’t committed to Tebow as their starting QB for next year. So if he gets traded, it’s a horrible tattoo that can’t even be pawned off as it being his astrological sign. Since Tebow was born in August. But perfect for this site.

  • El Gordo Loco

    Lots of Centaurs in the bible

  • Smokey

    what a stallion.

  • Vanilla Thunder

    Looks like a bad cover up job. I guess it’s cheaper than laser removal, but like Tebow it will probably only be relevant for a year or two.

  • cajita-feliz

    ….Centaurs are NOT demigods. They’re just mythical creatures. Ones that are FAMOUS for raping human women. Maybe Timmy is a rapist?

  • pcfriedrich

    I never knew people were fans of Tim Tebow based on his religious beliefs. I thought it had something to do with what he did on the football field.

    It does look kinda like someone just put a football helmet on a Centaur, though.

  • Casie

    i’m so glad this made it on here, i saw an article of it on yahoo and thought it deserved a place on here so i sent it in

  • pcfriedrich

    Where’s the article? What’s the story behind it?

  • Pffft

    Well plenty of righteous Christians are know for rape.. Though usually of little boys…and tebow has been know to kiss his teammates and the lips. Maybe this tattoo is perfect…

  • Casie

    this is the article i found it in. it really doesn’t give much information on it though. my googling tebow time tattoo you might be able to find more info on it

  • damiensmama08

    Wow, that really is a horrible tattoo. Even if it just said Tim Teblows… sorry Tebow it’d still be really bad.



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  • Ambidexter

    The playoff game against the Patriots showed it’s not “Tebow Time”.

  • Tebowie

    To the guy who called this a “bad cover up tattoo” u obviously have no clue about tattoos nor do you have any. Its clearly a bad tattoo but NOT a cover up. Either way I’m sure Mr. Tebow time will deff learn about cover ups once this fad is over and Tebow gets traded. Lmao WTF?!

  • Josh

    I actually thought it was a rather accurate and clever play on words since he is indeed half quarterback and half horses ass. Bravo, good sir.

  • drob

    traded to the jets. you, my friend, are hurt.

  • LoLing

    Ha. No longer a Bronco. Sucks for you :)

  • james

    a true WTF? tattoo

  • Shan

    Uh… I thought it was just him on half a horse (Bronco). Who cares.

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