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Filed under: Product placement

  • pcfriedrich (mobile)


  • chuckchuck

    Should demand a refund. Looks like crap. This guy is a fraud.

  • Cathy


  • Susie

    Wow. Looks like an 8-year-old did it.

    Speaking of 8-year-old….hi there, pcfriedrich.

  • bloo

    That’s as bad as the blazers one

  • pcfriedrich (mobile)

    Just jealous you were only fourth.

  • http://att Ron Roppo

    this is the worst tattoo i have ever seen , Triable bad.

  • drm

    This is a tattoo abortion. They should be made to pay for the removal procedure.

  • pcfriedrich

    either that tattoo was done with a mail order tattoo kit, or the guy came in with a drawing he made, and wanted it done like that.. I refuse to believe anyone making a living doing tattoos is that bad. he would at least use templates for the geometrical patterns and fonts, wouldn’t he?

  • ee

    looks like i did that on my old corel paint from my late 90′s comp

  • Phendraana

    That looks like a child’s drawing where they ran out of room & had to scrunch the rest of the letters in.

  • CrackMan

    I love the Steelers, too, but I’m not gonna ruin a patch of skin from an incompetent prison tattoo artist who has been featured on “Your Kid’s Art Sucks!” Hope he at least got a free bowl of soup or box of Girl Scout cookies…

  • Slap

    How about the collective tattoo the Broncos put on their asses in the playoffs?

  • CrackMan

    Be nice, Slap…

  • heyron

    that looks like shit, a disgrace to the steelers.



  • Jack Goff

    Looks just like an egg. Must have been an Easter egg coloring contest. I bet he didn’t win.

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