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Spelling is not his strength


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  1. drm says:

    Even in other languages…it’s still misspelled. How sad.

  2. Tub says:

    Good thing it’s not in a visible spot

  3. . says:

    ugh, and that blow out…

  4. Bob the LumberJack says:

    Making good choices in life doesn’t seem to be his strong suit, given the gauges in his ears!

  5. me says:

    i thought stupid was spelled differently?

  6. Watertender says:

    Wonder if there is a slot in the top of his head? Looks like a dickhead to me.

  7. uncle3inch says:

    ummmm. …… do u spell it?

  8. Snap says:

    well, looks like its time to let that hair grow out…….

  9. me says:

    What a dipshit.

  10. Rob says:

    i bet tossing popcorn through his earlobe is one of his strengths.

  11. dirtydave says:

    t before h eccept after???

  12. Red Hot Riding Hood says:

    And HOLY BLOWOUT, BATMAN. Doing things the right way is clearly not this guy’s strong suit.

  13. […] the heck do tattoo artists make this same error in the word “strength” so, so […]

  14. […] the heck do tattoo artists make this same error in the word “strength” so, so […]

  15. Drews411 says:

    I’m sure he has no Regerts.

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