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  • Kayla

    WTF is that supposed to be? A jellyfish?

  • Vinyl

    If you tip your head to the side, and close one eye… it MIGHT be a jellyfish. Kind of. Maybe.

  • omns

    Maybe they didnt know that Jelly fish dont actually have a fish tail…lol

  • Am 180

    Why is this awesome tattoo on this site? It’s OBVIOUSLY a shark flying out of an Easter egg – and a very good job at that!

    Now that’s sarcasm B-)

  • Gat

    I think it is supposed to be a jellyfish eating a fish.
    I get the feeling that the would-be tattoo artist failed to remember that the tattoo gun needs to be dipped in the ink.

  • Watertender

    It looks like a football that shit out part of a jellyfish that is shitting out a sardine. Now that’s a lot of shit happening in a shitty tattoo!!!

  • Missy

    Whatever it is, it’s UGLY!

  • Robin

    It’s either a deflated hot air balloon or the goodyear blimp

  • omns

    But whats up with the thumb???

  • bubba

    Never get a tattoo from a guy in a van on the street.

  • drm

    Retards! It’s clearly a stunning portrait of Joan Rivers.

  • beerrunner

    I got it, it’s a sperm whale.

  • Bree

    It feels like I should know what it is. It’s almost recognizable – if only that annoying glob of mucus was out of the way…

  • bonnieblue

    Or, maybe it’s a whale’s sperm?

  • Maeby


  • Turtle

    I think it’s supposed to be a jellyfish and the ink is being drawn out of their body because they used WAYYYY too much A&D ointment.

  • Sugar Tits

    Looks like someone wimped out halfway through …..

  • Cestar

    its a wormhole?

  • Jason

    Does she look down at that and go “omg it is soooo amazing”??? Just because they were giving out free tattoos doesn’t mean you should get one.

  • smauge

    This could quite possibly be the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a few.

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