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Self respect

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  1. Bob the LumberJack says:

    The way that muffin top is spreading, that tattoo is gonna be stretched out in no time!

  2. El Gordo Loco says:

    Who the f**k raises these people?

  3. Watertender says:

    I wonder if she has an arrow on her ass cheek pointing to her bunghole saying “Lubricate Here”?

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  5. Snap says:

    why is she pale as hell just in that one strip? shouldn’t it be the opposite?

  6. jo says:

    face down ass up

  7. jake says:

    All that aside , I bet she’s great in bed :-)

  8. J Dub says:

    I was disgusted by this… then I realized I had a chubb! Oh well.

  9. AlfaCowboy says:

    Jesus god, wear some jeans that fit. Fat white trash is not attractive.

  10. Gat says:

    Those pants are pulled halfway down, that’s why she looks fat/has that pale strip there.
    That “tire” is her hips.

  11. Maeby says:

    If she needs to give instructions on how to do it, I’m guessing things aren’t working too well for her.

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