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  1. Osiris says:

    Pretty clever I think, actually

  2. Borisimo says:

    Typical hipster, her other arm probably has a hand holding a PBR

  3. KRae says:

    I actually think this is awesome. :)

  4. Emz6ix says:

    I quite like it, unusual and clever :)

  5. Watertender says:

    Original for sure and well done. Can’t find a thing wrong with it.

  6. BenVincent says:

    Mechanical, manual and film. A real camera.

  7. bean says:


  8. Mika says:

    I love this.

  9. uncle3inch says:

    how often r people guna c that tattoo?…..n she wont even get to c there response

  10. imxio says:

    Hard not to like it because it’s so well done and so clever. I just worry about the poor girl in 20 years really “regerting” it…because it’s pretty much a one trick pony…funny and clever the first time, but after that, sort of wears out its irony value. And then you’re left with a wacky, but ultimately played out tattoo FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

    Just sayin’

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