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Ronald McDonald

Two McDonalds tattoos in one day – Score!

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  1. Albert says:

    I think Ronald mc Donald is okay but not on your body. I think this person really loves the man in the clown suit. Mc Donalds is Icon among america.

  2. Kat28 says:

    Shit Tattoo on an even bigger shit head…Look at the mirror he is holding and check out the look on his dopey face, shows how cool he thinks he is lol..

  3. cajita-feliz says:

    I was going to approve until I saw those colorful little locks of… braid and/or beading?… Dude. You are not a small black girl. Stop it! *point* Stop it.

  4. CrackMan says:

    That’ll coincide with the Burger King tattoo on his ass and balls…

  5. Donna says:

    Shouldn’t this be like the Daily Donk-Does any one know if they get paid to do that to their cars & if so, I sure hope this guy is getting paid for doing this to himself. But, then again maybe McDonald’s should make him pay them for using their logo-isn’t it copy righted… Either way he’s an idiot!

  6. Jessica says:

    And just as McD’s announces that they’ll no longer be using Ronald for advertising purposes. In another 30 years, this tattoo will make even less sense.

  7. NoTatsForMe says:

    Anyone else think the eyes lend a bit of a juggalo feel to this? Can you imagine what it will look like if he “fills in” the whole thing?? The hair! OMG – the HAIR!

  8. Philip says:

    Can’t sleep, clown will turn me into hamburger… can’t sleep, clown will turn me into hamburger…

  9. tom says:

    That’s mattytime from killer in the work place!! Dude is awesome! !!

  10. APink says:

    I think I’ll have the #20, D-bag special!

  11. Lissy says:

    Whoever put this tat on this guy should lose his license and this guy should get skinned. lol ew.

  12. Jack Goff says:

    CrackMan, how do you know about that?

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